Even though Bunaken is world famous for its marine biodiversity, many times the flora and fauna of Bunaken is not mentioned and yet a very important part of the ecosystem of the island. Amongst the most interesting animals we have at Cha Cha is the Tarsius Spectrum and we are lucky to have 3 or 4 families living in and around the resort, they are nocturnal and can be heard many times at either sunset or very early in the morning, though very hard to see, as we do not wish to disturb them, we can often hear them and it has been known for them to visit the terraces at night.
The Sulawesi Bear Cuscus is another extraordinary animal that inhabits Bunaken, yet again it is mainly nocturnal and sometimes can be seen climbing or resting in the trees.
Sulawesi Water Monitor Lizard is the second largest Lizard after the Komodo Dragon and can grow to a size of 200 cm (6 feet) it is not uncommon to see “young” individuals roaming around the gardens or hunting in the shallows at low tide, they do NOT attack and if spooked will skuttle away in their very unique and funny way.
We have also many types of birds, Brahminy Kite, Japanese Sparrow Hawk, various types of Kingfishers, Purple Heron  Tropical Doves, Swallows and various types of Sunbrids.
Though all amazing the small sunbirds are maybe the most fascinating and easiest to see as they hover at flowers in our garden taking up nectar or you can sometimes hear them knocking on the window of your room.
Many insects live on Bunaken ; Praying Mantis, Cicalas, Stag Horn Beetles and many many more, luckily none are dangerous though we recommend, as with all animals and marine life ……..Don’t Touch…..

Coconut crab
Elang bondol
Monitor lizard
Mangrove crab
Bunaken Cuscus
Purple heron




Bunaken Island
Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia