General Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Booking
Reservations for stays and additional services offered by Bunaken Cha Cha in its resorts can be made directly with Bunaken Cha Cha
•All bookings to be confirmed by e-mail
We will hold accommodation for 5 days to allow for Deposit or Full Payment to arrive, otherwise the booking will be considered cancelled the reservation,
•No booking can be transferred to third party without agreement of Bunaken Cha Cha.
•It is the responsibility of the guest to have valid travel documents to enter Indonesia.
•All guests are recommended to have adequate travel and diving Insurance. Bunaken Cha Cha cannot be held responsible for any claims in this respect.
•Diving Guests who have not dived for 6 months prior to arrival will be required to take a “Refresher Course”.
•All Diving guests are required to provide evidence of Dive Certification and Log Book.
•All Divers, Snorkelers are required to sign a “Liability Release Form” on arrival at Cha Cha
•There is no refund for pre-booked unused services.
Sending booking requests to Bunaken Cha Cha in any way constitutes acceptance of the “Terms and Conditions” set out for
"Public rate"
"Internet special package"
"Non refundable package"
"Terms and conditions" set by Bunaken Cha Cha on tour agent or online provider (OTA)

Accommodation Contract and Payment
•If you made booking through Booking .com(or Agoda), Non-Refundable Full Payment must be paid on arrival.
 (Booking .com/Agoda are not get involved with the payment of your booking)

•If the balance for all services and/or goods used during the stay must be paid before leaving the resort.
• If a tour agent or online provider has confirmed and sold a category to the customer that is different from the category of the booking paid for to Bunaken Cha Cha, will not be held responsible for this and will not make any refunds.

•Only those prices are valid that Bunaken Cha Cha advertised when the customer booked. No refunds will be made to customers who have paid through tour operators/agent or online providers and who have agreed on different prices.

Changes, Cancellations and Penalties

▪️In case of non-arrival on the agreed date without prior cancellation of the reservation, a penalty of 100% of the reservation value is due.
▪️No refund In the event of an early departure with any reason. 
▪️No credit or refunds will be given for personal emergencies, medical conditions, missed or irregular flights, flight delays or other reasons that make it impossible for the customer to reach the resort.
▪️No refunds will be given for dive packages or prepaid courses that are not used in whole or in part for any reason, including illness, ear problems, lost luggage, delayed flights or customer cancellations. Unused dives from dive packages cannot be transferred to another person or another service and are non-refundable.
Force majeure /Act of god
If the contract cannot be fulfilled in whole or in part due to force majeure, such as war, threat of war, riots, civil unrest and conflicts, terrorist activities, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or other natural or nuclear disasters, fires, adverse weather conditions, strikes, pandemics, official prohibitions in general and other similar events of force majeure, which are beyond the control of Bunaken Cha Cha, a credit will be issued in the amount of the payments made, which must be used within the end of the same year of its issue, reschedule date will be available if only Bunaken Cha Cha has availability for the period.

Health matter to visit remote island
Every guest must ensure that he or she is in a healthy condition to stay on a tropical island and participate in the activities offered. Bunaken Island is located about one hour distance from main land by boat, not equipped to provide medical services and does not have the facilities to offer services to disabled guests or those requiring special assistance.

Due to sloping location, there are stairs and steps in Bunaken Cha Cha, and all balcony and terrace has some hights, also no jetty, the beach is right in front of Bunaken Cha Cha. Therefore we ask that children are always accompanied by an adult, also for the marine sports(swimming, boat tour/snorkeling from the beach, etc).  and that guests who require special assistance of any kind (disabled people, children, pregnant women or people who have difficulty moving or suffer from illness) take the necessary measures for any emergency that may arise.
Bunaken Cha Cha assumes no responsibility and is not liable for damages due to illness, injury or death of customers that have occurred for any reason whatsoever. In the event that a medical problem should arise during the stay that requires to go hospital, evacuation, use of boats, cars, Bunaken Cha Cha will provide all possible assistance, but the responsibility for paying the related costs lies exclusively with the guest.


All guests are recommended to have adequate full travel and diving Insurance before travelling to our resort. Bunaken Cha Cha cannot be held responsible for any claims in this respect.
Divers are required to have special insurance cover for diving, for example by Divers Alert Network (DAN).

Rooms, Check-In, Check-Out

a)Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the guests has no claim to the provision of specific rooms within a room category.
b) Check in rooms are available to the guests from 2:30 pm on the agreed day of arrival.
c) On the agreed day of departure, the rooms must be vacated and returned to the resort by 9:30 am ( 11:00 am with use of optional rate check out service) at the latest. For any use beyond this, the resort can demand compensation for use.
Loss and Damage of Items Brought Along
a) Personal belongings brought into the resort are at the risk of the guest. Bunaken Cha Cha assumes no liability for loss, destruction or damage.
b) Objects brought along are to be removed from the guest rooms at check out time. otherwise the resort may remove and store the items at the expense and risk of the guest.

If you have any problems such as no water or hot water, please notify this  immediately after detection - in any case before departure - so that the resort has the opportunity to solve the situation as quickly as possible.

We operate our generator from 7:00-12:00, 15:00-20:00, within this time we will switch on air-condition in the room.
Apart from these time, we are rely on island electricity from the village.(PLN-Indonesian company), though it is not strong enough energy to use air-conditions.

Please note - We will not run the generator even in case of no PLN provided from village in this use of the local electricity schedule time.

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