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International Direct Flights

Silk AirThrough Singapore with Silkair, subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, flies to Manado on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturday leaving Singapore at approx 09.30 and arriving in Manado at 13.05
For further info, details and bookings:

Domestic Flights

Lion AirTThrough Jakarta/Bali/Makasar (Ujung Pandang)/ Balikpapan & more
Daily Flight Schedule to and from these Cities can be obtained directly from the following airlines website.
Should you encounter any difficulties securing your domestic flight bookings, we will be happy to assist.

From Air port to the resort

Manado HarborGuests arriving by plane are met at Manado International Airport and transported by road to Manado Town (30 Minutes), which makes a colorful introduction to Indonesian local life, once at Manado you will be transferred to Cha Cha on Bunaken Island by boat, with the feeling of being a real witness of Asian life in full swing!

Manado HarborThe journey to Cha Cha takes about 50 min and the trip to the island of Bunaken is a special one in itself, with ample opportunity to admire the approaching islands or to look back to the mainland for a panoramic view of the mountains.

Coconut TreeIt is a "wet landing", in as much as you may have to walk in 30 centimeters of water at low tide, we suggest that guests wear shorts and sandals, arrangements can be made for guests to change from their traveling clothes into "Island Dress" before leaving Manado.