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LSM Mata Biru ( Masyarakat Pencinta Bahariku) in Indonesia        
by Bunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort

"Mata Biru"
 (Masyarakat Pencinta BahariKu)

Mata Biru Logo - Click to BlogWhat is it ?:

A new NGO that has been created recently to help deal with
"Waste Management" or "Garbage" as it is more commonly
known, within the bounaries of Manado/Bunaken National
Marine Park.


 Mr.Raphael Downey & Ms. Reiko Oba Downey
  (Bunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort)

Mata BiruWho is involved ? :

 Mr Raphael Downey & Ms Reiko Oba Downey

  (Bunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort)
Mr Maleru (Village Head of Tanjung Parigi - Bunaken)
 Mr Denny Taliwongkso (Manado Government co-ordinator)
 Mr Patrys Baworo (Field manager)

 Mata Biru
 Manado Government
Mark V Erdman


Logo Design:

 Our Guest
 Mr.Masanao Ishihara (Direction MIG Co.,Ltd. Japan)

Mata Biru Blog:

Click to Mata Biru Blog


Project 1 - The First Incinerator was build in the history of Bunaken National Marine Park

Tanjung Parigi Villedge on Bunaken Island (September 2006)



Villedge on Manado Tua Island

..... coming soon..........

Project 2 - The First Waste Management Purpos Boat Project of Bunaken National Marine Park

The First Boat ever made specially for "Waste Managemet" in Bunaken National Marine Park.

Mata Biru Mata Biru  

.......coming soon..........