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Manado Bunaken National Marine Park, Indonesia

"Indonesian Gem" Jana Steve (Rush Green, UK)

Really enjoyed the 8 days we spent at the Cha Cha resort and would definitely return the next time we are in Bunaken.

Raf and Reiko are extremely pleasant hosts who ensure guests feel very welcome and have a comfortable stay. As an example, when we managed to flood our camera Raf was able to quickly procure a replacement of... more

"Paradise Island" - noelrousseau (Milford on Sea, Hants) July1,2008

If you are a SCUBA Diver or Snorkeler, then this is the place to go. The most amazing unspoilt coral and all the marine life that goes with it. Everyrthing from reef sharks and turtles to the beautiful Clown (Nemo) fish. A divers paradise. It is a PADI dive centre where the usual dive courses may be taken and they cater for all levels of experience. This is a family run... more

"Charming Cha Cha" - HoutBayDiver (Cape Town,South Africa) June16,2008

We spent 10 excellent days at Bunaken Cha Cha dive resort in May 2008 and wholeheartedly recommend Cha Cha to anyone who has great expectations of Bunaken diving at a comfortable, well run dive resort with local flavour and reasonable prices.
Yes, it is true - Bunaken Marine Reserve is a "must dive" destination. We have been lucky to be able to travel... more

"Hamocks, fish and sunshine" - Spartandiver (Oxford UK) June 11, 2008

Hi All
My dive buddy and I have now visited Cha Cha 4 times which should be a good indication, twice in May and Aug 2004, again in May 2006 and most recently May 2008.
Cha Cha is a very friendly, relaxed, relatively small resort on the eastern side of the island, which is by far the best side to be. The woodern cottages all face the sea so you are woken ... more

"Home Away from Home - great diving, beautiful location" - James (Australia) May 5, 2008

A relaxing resort situated on the nicest part of Bunaken Island. Scuba Diving was outstanding! The house reef makes for excellent snorkling for non-divers (my wife) and for myself an underwater videophotographer the varierty of fish & marine creature found around the island was second to none. We saw sharks, napoleon's, baracuddi, we found leaf fish... more

"Dive and Hang Out with the Owners" - ecophile(Michigan U.S.) Feb7, 2008

We just spent 5 nights at ChaCha and had a great experience. The diving around Bunaken is exceptional, particularly because of the healthy, diverse coral reefs. There are some currents, but that brings in the fish, and the owners are very thoughtful about finding dive sites that minimize the current given the weather and tides. We are experienced dive travelers and have stayed at several dive resorts. ChaCha is particularly impressive for... more

"The real escape" - 2005travel(Paris, France) July 20, 2007

It's difficult to know where to start and almost didn't want to share a review to keep this place a secret. We stayed here for 5 nights, nestled in the tropical forest of Bunaken Island and had a wonderful time.
It was relaxing and a laid back escape, the closest place was... more