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Suunto D6

Sunto D6

Product Features
  • Air, Nitrox and Gauge modes
  • Gas switching (2 mixes 21-99%)
  • Complete decompression stop data
  • Multi-step ascent rate indicator
  • Integrated digital compass
  • Extensive memory functions
  • Adjustable Suunto RGBM model
  • Audible alarms (including maximum depth alarm)
  • Optional PC-interface

Suunto D6 is an advanced wristop dive computer designed for demanding divers. The three operating modes, gas-switching functionality, integrated digital compass, and the Suunto RGBM deep stop algorithm combine to make it one of the most feature-rich and versatile dive computers available.

All the information you need relating to depth, time, direction, and decompression status is now available on one clear wristop display.

In addition to having mode-specific information available to you at all times, your Suunto D6 records and stores data for later analysis. You can view, compare, and analyze your diving performance through the downloadable Suunto Dive Manager PC software.






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 D6 with elastomer strap: US$ 685.00 net

 Dive Manager USB for D6 US$ 85.00 net




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